Monday, December 12, 2011

Man's Greatest Invention

Twitter is one of the greatest inventions ever made by man. Anything and everything in just 140 characters. As simple as that. Apparently, when people have less space to express, they tend to be intelligent with their words. Restoring the previous session in my Firefox brought me to my Twitter homepage and a twitter trend made sure I didn’t switch the tab. It was #greatestinvention which had got my thoughts racing. What could be the greatest invention made by human?

Is it the wheel? It changed the entire life of human beings. It gave the actual meaning to movement and has made the world smaller and smaller. Or is it the printing press? It was one of the first media of communication. It changed the ways how information was collected, stored, retrieved and distributed. Could it be the telephone? The idea of talking to a person sitting thousands of miles away from you was incredible. While the wheel made travelling possible, it reduced the necessity to travel. Okay, if not wheel, then what about automobile. Invented after a long time of the invention of wheel, it improved transportation and made movement swift and hassle-free. Television also stands a strong chance. It improved upon the radio and allowed better ways of transmission of news and other important media. It also became an excellent source of entertainment. Then I wondered about Computers. Since its invention in 1837 by Charles Babbage, the computer has changed billions of life. It changed the way we work. From a collection of vacuum tubes covering two rooms to a device which fits in your pocket, the computers have evolved exponentially. And the invention of Internet has only added to the value of computers. Internet was one of the revolutions which converted the globe into a village by fostering the share of information.

The list goes on and on. Steam engine, airplane, LASER, DNA, several vaccines etc. etc. A quick search on Google with the keywords “the greatest invention ever is *” returns thousands of results ranging from sex to space travel. Some consider the remote control the greatest whereas some think the same for seedless watermelon. 

Suddenly something struck me. The greatest invention ever made by man has to be… GOD!! Yes, God. None of the above mentioned inventions could control the minds of millions and millions of people making them conform to one ideal. None of them. There are and have been thousands of Gods. The Hindus alone worship 36 crores of them. A word defined by the brilliant minds of a few humans in the ancient times, God has touched the life of everyone on this planet Earth in one way or the other. Along with God, came Religion, the byproduct of God. It is the best tool to control a mass of people. It has enabled a bunch of people to control the entire human race by injecting fear and religious madness in their minds. It is the only thing which can make people wonder not only about their present, but also their previous and future births. What other invention can make people fight among themselves or even give up their own life? What else other than God can make people accept everything wrong that happened to them?

Inventions were made and forgotten, but God is immortal, the greatest of them all. How can any invention ever stand up to God?

Friday, November 18, 2011

So Close Yet So Far

A lot can be written about Mother but it's not easy to write about Father. Mother is a metaphor for emotions whereas Father has the power to control. He is like a silent poem; which has an external toughness and is devoid of emotions. And this is the reason why most of the children fear him. The ones who can see through this shell and feel the amount of emotions he hides in himself shall accept his greatness. Undoubtedly, he has the same amount of love for his children as the Mother. He has loads of emotions and feelings but he generally keeps them to himself making it difficult for the others to experience them. He has a large heart and a larger personality. He is the one who lets others to be free-minded and carefree.

A mother is often referred as the first teacher of any child but I believe, it's the father who prepares him for the journey called life. She is there to make him survive for the first few years and Father is the one who makes sure he survives the rest of his tough life. He not only tells him about the positive aspects of life but also warns about the adversities he might face. He teaches him the art of survival and makes him tough enough to bear the brunt of the real world when he steps out of home. He shares his knowledge and experience with him.

If there is one single word to sum up father, it has to be humble. He rarely talks about himself unless you ask him something. This is the reason it is somewhat hard to really get to know him. His silence encapsulates his personality. Very few would have seen him crying. He is immovable under all circumstances. He is head-strong and soft-hearted simultaneously. He'd always worry about things but would never let others to worry about them. He is generally like that only. Calm, composed, thoughtful and emotionless. He is the main pillar which supports each and every brick of the building called family. He not only fulfills our needs but also puts constraints on our unjust demands. He is the childhood hero and the idol of every child.

He is the one who knows when to leave you alone but is always there when you look behind your shoulder. Someone who encourages you not to settle for anything less than the best. Someone who lets you have ice-cream for breakfast and the one who loves you unconditionally (actually). Someone who wants to keep you from making mistakes but instead lets you find your own way even though his heart breaks in silence when you get hurt. Someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed, and has faith in you even when you fail. He is the person to turn to when you have to take any tough decision. He wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off and lets you try again.

That's dad for me. All I know about him. But He still stands unexplored; the journey is unending.

"If you are friends with your father, you have a friend for life."

Thursday, November 10, 2011


It was half past eight in the morning. The Delhi Metro was standing still midway with the notifications about the delay going on. A man in his sixties was sitting in front of me. He was well dressed and had a glowing face, beaming with joy. Looking at his watch again and again, counting the number of stations left and then eagerly looking outside to check if the train started moving, he was getting very impatient. With every passing moment, he was getting a bit disappointed. Observing him for the last five minutes, I decided to strike a conversation with him.

"You seem to be in a hurry. Have you got an appointment with some doctor?", I enquired noticing the envelope of a hospital in his hand. "No. I have to take breakfast with my wife. She is admitted to a nearby hospital.", he replied.

"Ah, I see. How is she now? What happened to her?" This came entirely out of excitement.
"She is suffering from Alzheimer and has been admitted to the hospital for a long time. We always take our breakfast together", he replied with the same calmness.
I asked again,"Would she get angry with you if you got a bit late?"
"No." He took a long breath and continued. "Due to the disease she has completely forgotten about me and has not even identified me for the last five years."
I got a bit surprised. "You go to have breakfast with her daily even though she cannot recognize your presence!!!"
This time he smiled and replied,"She might not remember who I am but I know who She is."

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Though they met almost daily, he was oddly excited today. Everything was perfect. The flowers, the chocolates and the gift. He had finally gathered the guts to tell her what he felt about her and wanted to surprise her. He had reached the venue ahead of time. The venue, as decided by her, was way too distant from his normal path but he didn't complain. As the time passed, his excitement level was rising exponentially. He had said the lines a million times in his mind. She could arrive there any moment, so, he didn't want to lose any time.

There was still some time left for the decided time. Suddenly, his mobile beeped. He checked. It was a message from her. "I won't be able to come."

He didn't utter a single word. He didn't know how to react. Maybe, he never expected that a surprise might be waiting for him also. He looked around himself. There was a small girl begging for food. He went to her and gave the flowers, chocolates and the gift to her. She jumped with joy and her face split into a wide smile. She ran away and gradually faded into the crowd. So did his ambitions. A smile crossed his face and he turned back to what seemed to be an endless journey.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Life with an Angel - II

The beautiful white and golden structure of Bangla Sahib reflected in the water of the pond. Angel and I sat on the pond steps with our feet dipped in the cold water. The waves would come, wash our feet and return back. "Life is just like this", her voice went almost unnoticed. I wondered how and turned to her for an explanation. "Our life is just like the reflected image and the waves. Unclear and full of ups and downs. As time passes, the water will settle down and we rise above the horizon to get the clear image”, she elaborated.

I looked at her. She had nothing but a beaming glow and an irresistible charm on her face. She had been quite happy for the last few days and that was also reflected in her eyes. The reason: The news of a couple of long wishes getting fulfilled on a single day. She was an altogether different person that day; ecstatic, elated and joyful. Being aware of the wishes, I knew what they meant to her. They were the only things she had been wishing for years. Before you exercise your brain to guess them, I’d like to disclose that they were very close to her heart but not at all directly related to her. And this was one thing I absolutely loved about her: selflessly wishing and caring for the people around her. No matter what others’ thought of her, she’d always be happy to help them with a smile.

Talking of her smile, she had an infectious one. I’ve talked about it previously and still I can go on talking about it. Every time she is with me and smiles, I feel weak at the knees. It’s like an arrow being shot through my heart. Catching a glimpse of her smile is an overwhelming feeling which cannot be described in words; a moment I always look forward to. Recently she had shared a few images of her childhood and they were absolutely adorable. And it made me regret why I didn’t meet her earlier.


Talking to her previous night it came to my mind that life isn’t simple; it’s complicated and so is love. If we try to hide the love in our life, it makes the things more complex. Therefore, I decided to make my life a little less complex. I hope I’ll be able to make it happen. Wish me luck. :)

That’s all for now.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Reality: The Worst Game Ever!!

The blessing sun rays coming from my window pane woke me up. It was a usual summer morning. A gulmohar tree with vibrant red flowers occupied the entire frame of the window. I had an excellent sleep through the night and the entire scene outside made it a jubilant morning. I was still lying in the bed looking for my phone. The calendar told me it was 25th July 2011. Suddenly, something hit me.

25th July 2011. A day I had been waiting for so long. A day I wanted to come at the earliest. A day which could decide the future of my life. And it was here. There was nothing different yet it had changed many things. Dreams were shattered. Expectations broken. Hope lost. The foundations of my first ever plan for life had just crashed. Everything that I did to reach here, every single moment I spent thinking about it and the hours I spent preparing for it. Everything went in vain. I didn't know whether it was the end of beginning or beginning of the end. Welcome to reality, I told myself.
I had always thought of life as a game. The sole purpose of a game is to enjoy the experience - to have fun. But this depends on both the game and the player. Sometimes we may get the best game imaginable, but we may still decline to play. We worry about the complexities of the game instead of embracing them. Why? The answer lies in how we evaluate ourselves relative to the game. If we find the game bigger than us, we feel overwhelmed and would not want to play it. The same logic applies to life. If we think life is bigger than us, we probably don't want to play it either.
There are two modes in the game of life. One is the practice mode where we can choose everything. In other words, our dream world. The second mode is reality. This is where you get to see the real face and complexities of the game. It seems to be great in the beginning, but as you advance, you realize that you don't have time to understand the game play. You learn the rules and find that life is not a fair game. Mastery in this game is a lifelong process. And your learning is what helps you the most. Reality is the worst ever game that you'll ever play.
I had lost the strength to leave my bed. Or maybe I just didn't want to. Few things came to my mind. The game doesn't offer you many choices. You either keep sitting at a point waiting for the things to go your way or you just get up, march ahead and face the adversities. It took a lot of thoughts and time but in the end I chose the second option. Any setback in the game should be taken as an added challenge and I knew that. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. I had decided to quit whining and start all over again. With a new enthusiasm and exuberance. It's all about making some choices, experiencing the consequences and then growing from there. It's all good. My cheeks were a bit wet but a smile ran across my lips.
As I finally got up and sipped my tea, I wondered how boring life would be if everything fell at the right place in the first attempt. A game full of setbacks, randomness and delays is a lot more fun. If you have the determination and the courage it takes, you come out to be a better player.
The game of life may end with death, but in the meantime enjoy yourself. Life is supposed to be interesting, challenging and fun. Go out there and play!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Life with an Angel - I

Sitting in that restaurant while watching the people around me, I wondered whether I would ever meet any of these people again. While I was lost in this thought, someone had settled in front of me. Bang!! It was her. Angel. I was almost dazzled by her presence. It took me some time to come to my senses.

Her new found short hairs were still wet from the rains outside. The water drops clinging on her forehead were sparkling more than the diamond studs in her ears. Her eyes had a spark and a gentle smile added to the beauty of her face. She had undergone a makeover few days back and she was in full mood to flaunt her cool new summer avatar. She may not be the best looking girl in the world. But for me, she is. ;)

No doubt the conversation between the guy and the girl was interesting, but waiting is one thing I hate. I had thought of saying a line or two to her. But as soon as I saw her, I forgot that I had been waiting for her for the last 20 minutes. Sometimes, I wonder whether the reason was her cute smile which made me forget everything or had I grown used to it. Actually, I never cared about her mistakes, for she was my *that one person*, someone whom I could give numerous second chances.

Life had changed a bit after my last post about her. Fortunately, all of them were either cheerful or pure unexpected luck. The first surprise came in the form of a piece of writing about me. They were just a few words, but I was taken aback by her innocence and commitment while writing them. It was followed by some others; one of them was the early morning call today.

Random chit chat started. It was something we could keep on doing for hours and not getting bored. Sometimes I felt the reason we didn’t get bored of each other was that we had nothing to talk about, so, we could talk about everything. An hour had passed like a second. I was waiting for the rain to get over but she had something different in her mind. By the time we finished our drinks, we had decided something. Something which changed that Saturday into one of the most memorable days of my life. We walked to the entrance of the restaurant. It was raining heavily and the flowing winds carrying small water particles with them made the entire scene a sight of the heaven.

We moved out a bit. A few raindrops touched my face. We looked at each other. She gave me a mischievous smile and we had started running towards the nearest shelter. On the way between, I turned left to have a look on her. She was not there. I turned opposite and still couldn't find her. I stopped and turned back. There she was. Standing in the open with her face towards the sky; enjoying the rain drops touching her face, body and soul. The look and smile on her face made it one of the most unforgettable moments of life for me. I walked back to her. She held my hand and we walked together towards the destination. The feeling of walking hand in hand with an Angel in the rain cannot be explained in words. I never had the privilege of walking in heaven, but I am sure even that would not be able to match it.

The journey back had started; with splashing of water on each other, taking the routes less taken and a few intentional mistakes while choosing the path. I had never seen her enjoying so much before. Carefree, cheerful and full of exuberance.

Finally, we reached her destination. I looked at the clock. It had been almost two and half hours with her. We didn't want to go but the moment had arrived. Alas! Time passes quickly when you seem to enjoy it. We had come to the last point.

We bade goodbye to each other and she started walking on her path. I was still standing there. She turned back, gave a smile and then disappeared among the rain drops with a promise to return again. The Angel was gone but she had left behind something very precious for me. Memories to cherish for a lifetime. :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011


"..and Raja Dushyant fell in love with Shakuntala, at the very first sight."

"Just a look and.. How silly!! How something like this could happen?” said the girl while running fingers through her golden locks. "Love at first sight, is all about materialistic beauty, only physical attraction. No matter how ugly the soul is. Isn't it?"

The guy hesitated a bit and averted his eyes from the cute blue eyes on her fair pink face. Outside, it was raining continuously. Temperature had taken a slide down, cold winds were blowing and the crowd in the restaurant had begun to grow.

I was sitting on the table just left to them sipping a hot coffee while enjoying the weather outside and waiting for my Angel. Their conversation was proving to be quite a great entertainer.

The girl seemed to a European from her color, hairs, attire and accent. Like the many other foreign visitors, she was showing a great interest in the Indian culture. The guy was a complete Indian. His clothing and free-flowing English were speaking of him being educated and cultured.

It seemed as if the guy was not in a mood to give up. Gazing at the green nail color on her soft fingers, he said, "We Indians are very imaginative, still you'll find love as a reality in almost every form of our art. I am not lying. Sometimes just a look is enough for you to know the other person.."

".. and sometimes even an entire lifetime seems to be short.", the girl completed her sentence with a mischievous smile. “For me, life is like a detective novel. The suspense is maintained till the last page. We get to know something about the other person every day. Sometimes it gives us utter happiness, sometimes a pleasant surprise and sometimes a bit of sadness."

"No, it's not like that.", said the guy as he took the last sip from his cup of coffee. "When you love someone unconditionally, you accept him/her with all the traits, be it good or bad."

The girl smiled a bit. "You are very emotional. I thought such characters existed only in the form of heroes in Bollywood flicks. But after meeting you.."

"Every second Indian is emotional. We care about the relations very much. We believe in "We" rather than "I". It becomes our duty to keep the person we love always happy. No matter what happens, we keep the relation intact. We can go to any extent to keep a relation going."

The girl got a bit serious. "But that is compromise and you cannot live your entire life on compromises."

"Yes, it is compromise. But life cannot be life without compromises. Compromises teach us patience, sacrifice and discipline. Some mistakes, some misunderstandings, getting a bit angry and then coaxing add a new exciting flavor to love. Life is like a Christmas party. Sweet like a pudding, spicy like soup, salty like sauce and bitter like alcohol." A gentle smile ran across the guy's face as he said this.

"You are very interesting as well." Every pair of eyes in the restaurant turned towards her as she laughed, this time a bit loud.

It was still raining outside. A guy and a girl were enjoying in the rain while the people standing there saw them in amazement as if no one had ever got wet in the rains before.

"Would you like to spend your day with me tomorrow?", asked the guy out of nowhere. "I'll take you to the Indian Art and Culture Center and afterwards, we'll have dinner at a nice place.

"Hmm.. Yes! Yes! Why not?”, the girl said after a little thought. "I am free tomorrow."

".. but I...”, said the guy a bit hesitatingly, "I am a pure vegetarian and you just told me that you liked non-vegetarian food only."

"Ah!! Doesn't matter. Tomorrow I'd like to enjoy pure spicy vegetarian food of your choice with you."

The girl had just made a new compromise with a smile and may be she didn't even realize it.
The rain had stopped outside but the Sun was still hiding among the clouds. Just then, my Angel arrived. Air traversed through her open hairs and drops of water were dripping down her face. Wishing luck to the guy and the girl for successfully climbing the first rung of the ladder of compromise in their life, I shifted my attention to where it should be, towards my Angel.. :)

P.S. This post is based on a story by an unknown writer which I read in some magazine.
P.S. I had an amazing weekend. Almost everything I could ask for. :D

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Angel of my life!!

As she walked out of the gate, her face wore a confused look which instantly changed to a sweet smile as she found the one she was searching. There was something about her which made her different from the numerous girls coming out with her. Yes, she is the one, to whom I dedicate the first personal post of my blog.
I had known her for quite a long time now. But, I felt she was a riddle yet to be deciphered by me. We talked almost every day, about everything we could think of. She was like an escape for me from the boring daily routine. Someone I would turn to whenever I was in either of the moods: awesome, awful or awkward. I would tell her about everything on my mind. And she was always there for me, listening to all my talks. She never complained why I always kept on cribbing about problems in life. She tried to look at things my way. She would always support me with my decisions. Whenever anything went wrong, she would tell me it's going to be okay, but then I would find her worry about it for me. She had a beautiful face, but more importantly, she had a beautiful heart. She was cute, she was funny, she was thoughtful, she was childish, she was mature, she was caring, she was lively, she was everything I could think of.
It is not that she was always like that. She had her own low points in life but she handled them very efficiently, on her own. She was one soul who believed in "enjoying alone", be it the happy moments or the sad ones. No matter, how much she cared for others, when it came to her, she was just the opposite. She tried to hide her every single pain behind her pleasing smile. But her eyes and her voice revealed it all and then she would break down. But that happened rarely, very rarely.
Time passed and things changed, for the better. It had been almost a year of this special bond. I could feel my increasing fondness for her and she started sharing more of her life. I loved every moment of it. But someone did not love it all. And one day, everything came crashing down. It hurt, badly. I decided to walk out of her life, forever. But she didn't seem to agree with me and I could not resist, finally succumbing to her requests to change my "decision".
It was all back to normal. We spent some quality time together. A single glance of her seemed to make my entire day. It filled me with utter joy and happiness. It was an amazing feeling to be with her, to spend time with her, to talk to her, to fight with her and sometimes just to sit in front of her and gaze into her eyes. Her presence was a delight and her absence created a void which only she could fill.
But as they say, the world is round because of misunderstanding. They are bound to creep in to any relationship and unfortunately, that marks the beginning of the end. However, I was lucky that when I had to face it, she was kind enough to listen to me patiently and clear every bit of it. Later, I realized that it was my fault and in spite of the fact that she was not answerable to me, she had told me everything. This was not the first time she had stated her true self, but it was in no way, same as the earlier revelations. This was a sudden change. But as long as the change is positive, who cares for the reason. At least, I didn't. All said and done, it was one of the most transforming phases of the entire period of knowing her.
Today, when I walk beside her, I feel the true sense of being complete. She has changed a lot but she is still the same. Sometimes, she spills her heart out and sometimes, she hides even the minutest things. I feel I know her, but then she displays yet another new aspect of her personality and I feel I would never be able to know her completely.
I always feel, life is all about 'A': awesome, awful and awkward. But, truly speaking, the reason was her. Life started with an 'A' and ended with 'A'.
She was my strength, my happiness and the light of my life. I thank her for being one of the best parts of my life. There is nothing that can compare what she is to me. She "is" definitely the Angel of my life. The Imperfect Angel!! :)
Loads of thanks to Rose for the numerous reviews. You are a sweetheart. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Updates from Life

It’s holiday time. Few things in the last few days kept me away from the keyboard and unfortunately, they still persist. So, this time, just a quick update of my life in the past weeks.

First of all, I got something to do. It was a great relief as I was bored of doing “nothing”. I got a two-month internship at Samsung India Electricals Pvt. Ltd. Nice workplace, great work to do, doing what I like and a handsome amount of stipend.. :D The only thing I miss is free Internet. :-/

Secondly, my Internet at home is broken. MTNL sucks big time. In spite of the repeated complaints, the condition is still the same after a week.

The combination of first and second component led to a major change in me. Going to bed early and getting up early in the morning. Don’t know whether a good thing or bad, I just hope this habit goes away once I get back to college life. :P

Apart from these, I travelled a lot in the last few days. Overcrowded buses, dusty roads and the scorching Sun gave me some unforgettable experiences. And how can I forget the good old hindi romantic music played. Tracks from “Dhadkan” and “Raaz” still seem to the favorites. :P

Apart from this, I saw more than one crore INR cash for the first time in my life. The best thing was that the guy was carrying the notes in a fertilizer bag on a bicycle!!! Land has surely brought fast money for few!!

Last but not the least, I just discovered a loophole in the office Internet and hence this post. :D

Thursday, May 19, 2011

No Honor in Killing!!!

The recent murder of Shobhit Modi in Delhi has brought back a long series of shocking and shameful act of "honor killings" into limelight. At a time when we are talking about India being a superpower and praising ourselves for being the world’s largest secular democratic, the frequent stories of these honor killings depict an entirely different picture.
To start with, honor killing is defined as the killing of a person for marrying against their parents’ wishes, for having premarital or extramarital relationships, or for marrying within the same gotra or outside one’s own caste. What I don’t understand is where the "honor" part comes in from. What is the honor in killing someone of your own blood just because they defied the norms laid down by the society, on order to get married to someone they liked/loved? Is this the cost one is supposed to pay for following one's own heart?
Unfortunately, this practice of preserving the honor of the family by killing people is not bound only to the rural areas where the literacy rate is low or the caste system is very rigid. There have been many cases of such incidences in metro cities like Delhi also.
So what can be the reason behind such inhuman acts? The most obvious reasons that come to my mind are the caste system and the attitude of the people towards marriage. They still don’t accept that marriages can take place in the same gotra or different caste. They feel that “only a whore has the choice of choosing her own partner”. If a daughter disobeys her parents’ wishes for marriage, it would bring disrepute to the family honor and hence, they decide to declare the ultimate sentence, that is death, not just to the daughter but also to the guy she selected.
I came across the funny yet thought-provoking story of this guy who kept changing his girl every 3-4 months. One day, when one of his friends asked him the reason, he came up with the following justification:
“I found a very nice girl, took time to know her completely and then introduced her to my parents, asking them to get me married with her. They refused. The reason: she belonged to a different religion. I was helpless. I again went around, found another girl and introduced her to my parents. They refused this time too, saying that she belonged to a different community. I was helpless. Unwillingly, I went around with another girl for 3 months, but unfortunately my parents objected again. The reason this time: she belonged to a different caste. I was broken but did not lose hope and found another beautiful girl, who was perfect housewife material. Luckily, she belonged to our religion, community and caste too. But again, my parents disagreed with my choice, citing the reason that she is from our gotra and we don’t endorse such marriages because of the fear of honor killings.”
Now what can be done to prevent such things from happening? The first thing is to create awareness among the people and change their mentality. In most of the cases, the people from the families of the deceased also seem to support and even defend the act. (See the video, showing the response of one of the family members of a girl killed by her own brother for marrying a guy of her choice). They need to understand that a girl from their family marrying a guy of her choice does not bring any dishonor to their family.
The second thing to be done is to have stricter laws against such horrendous acts. The Supreme Court of India has stated that such acts come within the category of the rarest of the rare cases deserving death punishment. People need to understand that there is nothing honorable in honor killings, and they are nothing but barbaric and brutal murders by bigoted persons with feudal minds.
We cannot brand anything as wrong just by attaching the honor and pride angles to it. Such acts not only show the failure of law and order but also portray the real picture of the democratic and emerging India. Marrying someone of one's own choice does not bring dishonor to the family. Rather, being dishonest in one’s job, being corrupt, being untruthful and being unhelpful are the real causes of dishonor. Honor killing is contempt of an individual’s freedom. It is not honor killing by any means but it is certainly killing of one’s honor in a real and tragic sense.
Family defends honor killing..

Monday, May 16, 2011

Road Blocked!!!

The government strikes back. Hitting where it hurts the most - in the pocket of the so called "aam aadmi" with yet another petrol price hike. I heard it was the ninth hike in the last ten months. Well, I have no idea about how this hike will affect the economy, but the opposition parties get another chance to show their "support" for the common man by organizing a "chakka jam" in Delhi. Hundreds of BJP workers made sure that the major roads of Delhi were blocked. This caused huge traffic jams leading to the suffering of people. It seems like the government and opposition have agreed upon a pact which says that the government will not let the people travel by hiking prices and the opposition will not let them out by causing traffic jams.

The jams today left me with a question with in mind: "Whom do the roads belong to?". What veins are to the body, roads are to a nation. They are supposed to be used by the people for movement. But, unfortunately, they are blocked by the political parties to protest a step taken by the government, by the religious bodies to organize rallies and "juloos" and sometimes by the "baraats".

Why don't the political parties understand that by blocking the roads they are not supporting the general public against the hike, but creating troubles for them. Such roadblocks not only lead to people reaching late to work or students getting late for their exams, but also leave the patients needing immediate attention stuck in jam, sometimes leading to even loss of life.

I see these roadblocks and shutdowns as a denial-of-service attack. The reason: That's for you to figure out.

Taalon ka latakna, rally ki bahaar,
Bus ko aag lagana, maar peet ke samachaar,
Road block karna, aam logon par atyaachaar,
Mubarak ho aapko "Bharat Bandh" ka tyohaar... :P

On that note, that's all for this post. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Product of a Bored Mind

Another semester is over. Sixth of the total eight that I need to pass to get my degree. It was no different from its predecessors: the same workload and the same poor grades. Well, I don't want to discuss about the past mishappenings. :P

Now, I get a three months well deserved break. Wow!! Seems great?? Well, no. After the toll taking semester, it becomes very difficult to come back to normal mode. So, even in the break, it was waking up till late nights, doing nothing and getting bored. Twitter came to my rescue, but only till a particular limit.

Eventually, after getting bored of getting bored, I decided to do something. Hence, this blog. I have no clue about what I'll post. But with some awesome people around me, I am sure I'll definitely find something to write about.

That's all for now. :)