Monday, May 16, 2011

Road Blocked!!!

The government strikes back. Hitting where it hurts the most - in the pocket of the so called "aam aadmi" with yet another petrol price hike. I heard it was the ninth hike in the last ten months. Well, I have no idea about how this hike will affect the economy, but the opposition parties get another chance to show their "support" for the common man by organizing a "chakka jam" in Delhi. Hundreds of BJP workers made sure that the major roads of Delhi were blocked. This caused huge traffic jams leading to the suffering of people. It seems like the government and opposition have agreed upon a pact which says that the government will not let the people travel by hiking prices and the opposition will not let them out by causing traffic jams.

The jams today left me with a question with in mind: "Whom do the roads belong to?". What veins are to the body, roads are to a nation. They are supposed to be used by the people for movement. But, unfortunately, they are blocked by the political parties to protest a step taken by the government, by the religious bodies to organize rallies and "juloos" and sometimes by the "baraats".

Why don't the political parties understand that by blocking the roads they are not supporting the general public against the hike, but creating troubles for them. Such roadblocks not only lead to people reaching late to work or students getting late for their exams, but also leave the patients needing immediate attention stuck in jam, sometimes leading to even loss of life.

I see these roadblocks and shutdowns as a denial-of-service attack. The reason: That's for you to figure out.

Taalon ka latakna, rally ki bahaar,
Bus ko aag lagana, maar peet ke samachaar,
Road block karna, aam logon par atyaachaar,
Mubarak ho aapko "Bharat Bandh" ka tyohaar... :P

On that note, that's all for this post. :)


Rose said...

Petrol rates rise. Perfect timing. I can not thin of more reasons, but my own. But yes, the way you put it, the pact between the opposition and the govertment. Commendable. If you do such things when you get bored, I'm glad your exams are over. Moreover, you are very productive in the daylight, very uncommon for a nishachar :P

AzzArun said...

Thanks.. :D
And the nishachar thing applies to you too.. :P