Monday, June 6, 2011

Updates from Life

It’s holiday time. Few things in the last few days kept me away from the keyboard and unfortunately, they still persist. So, this time, just a quick update of my life in the past weeks.

First of all, I got something to do. It was a great relief as I was bored of doing “nothing”. I got a two-month internship at Samsung India Electricals Pvt. Ltd. Nice workplace, great work to do, doing what I like and a handsome amount of stipend.. :D The only thing I miss is free Internet. :-/

Secondly, my Internet at home is broken. MTNL sucks big time. In spite of the repeated complaints, the condition is still the same after a week.

The combination of first and second component led to a major change in me. Going to bed early and getting up early in the morning. Don’t know whether a good thing or bad, I just hope this habit goes away once I get back to college life. :P

Apart from these, I travelled a lot in the last few days. Overcrowded buses, dusty roads and the scorching Sun gave me some unforgettable experiences. And how can I forget the good old hindi romantic music played. Tracks from “Dhadkan” and “Raaz” still seem to the favorites. :P

Apart from this, I saw more than one crore INR cash for the first time in my life. The best thing was that the guy was carrying the notes in a fertilizer bag on a bicycle!!! Land has surely brought fast money for few!!

Last but not the least, I just discovered a loophole in the office Internet and hence this post. :D

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