Saturday, July 2, 2011


"..and Raja Dushyant fell in love with Shakuntala, at the very first sight."

"Just a look and.. How silly!! How something like this could happen?” said the girl while running fingers through her golden locks. "Love at first sight, is all about materialistic beauty, only physical attraction. No matter how ugly the soul is. Isn't it?"

The guy hesitated a bit and averted his eyes from the cute blue eyes on her fair pink face. Outside, it was raining continuously. Temperature had taken a slide down, cold winds were blowing and the crowd in the restaurant had begun to grow.

I was sitting on the table just left to them sipping a hot coffee while enjoying the weather outside and waiting for my Angel. Their conversation was proving to be quite a great entertainer.

The girl seemed to a European from her color, hairs, attire and accent. Like the many other foreign visitors, she was showing a great interest in the Indian culture. The guy was a complete Indian. His clothing and free-flowing English were speaking of him being educated and cultured.

It seemed as if the guy was not in a mood to give up. Gazing at the green nail color on her soft fingers, he said, "We Indians are very imaginative, still you'll find love as a reality in almost every form of our art. I am not lying. Sometimes just a look is enough for you to know the other person.."

".. and sometimes even an entire lifetime seems to be short.", the girl completed her sentence with a mischievous smile. “For me, life is like a detective novel. The suspense is maintained till the last page. We get to know something about the other person every day. Sometimes it gives us utter happiness, sometimes a pleasant surprise and sometimes a bit of sadness."

"No, it's not like that.", said the guy as he took the last sip from his cup of coffee. "When you love someone unconditionally, you accept him/her with all the traits, be it good or bad."

The girl smiled a bit. "You are very emotional. I thought such characters existed only in the form of heroes in Bollywood flicks. But after meeting you.."

"Every second Indian is emotional. We care about the relations very much. We believe in "We" rather than "I". It becomes our duty to keep the person we love always happy. No matter what happens, we keep the relation intact. We can go to any extent to keep a relation going."

The girl got a bit serious. "But that is compromise and you cannot live your entire life on compromises."

"Yes, it is compromise. But life cannot be life without compromises. Compromises teach us patience, sacrifice and discipline. Some mistakes, some misunderstandings, getting a bit angry and then coaxing add a new exciting flavor to love. Life is like a Christmas party. Sweet like a pudding, spicy like soup, salty like sauce and bitter like alcohol." A gentle smile ran across the guy's face as he said this.

"You are very interesting as well." Every pair of eyes in the restaurant turned towards her as she laughed, this time a bit loud.

It was still raining outside. A guy and a girl were enjoying in the rain while the people standing there saw them in amazement as if no one had ever got wet in the rains before.

"Would you like to spend your day with me tomorrow?", asked the guy out of nowhere. "I'll take you to the Indian Art and Culture Center and afterwards, we'll have dinner at a nice place.

"Hmm.. Yes! Yes! Why not?”, the girl said after a little thought. "I am free tomorrow."

".. but I...”, said the guy a bit hesitatingly, "I am a pure vegetarian and you just told me that you liked non-vegetarian food only."

"Ah!! Doesn't matter. Tomorrow I'd like to enjoy pure spicy vegetarian food of your choice with you."

The girl had just made a new compromise with a smile and may be she didn't even realize it.
The rain had stopped outside but the Sun was still hiding among the clouds. Just then, my Angel arrived. Air traversed through her open hairs and drops of water were dripping down her face. Wishing luck to the guy and the girl for successfully climbing the first rung of the ladder of compromise in their life, I shifted my attention to where it should be, towards my Angel.. :)

P.S. This post is based on a story by an unknown writer which I read in some magazine.
P.S. I had an amazing weekend. Almost everything I could ask for. :D

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