Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Silence is Not Always Golden

Time, they say, heals all the wounds. "This too shall pass" has been widely accepted as the single explanation to every situation. Though, we hardly care about it in the happy times; it is our only escape during the adverse phase. During a critical situation, we generally surrender ourselves and tend to believe in the power of time and silence in order to achieve the lost peace of mind. We are made to believe that silence is golden and in some cases, much more powerful than actions or words. Though, this holds true in some form, it depends on every individual how (s)he follows this not-so-golden rule. Silence, I believe, is not always golden.

Almost everyday in our life, we encounter situations which bother us but we try to avoid talking about them. And if the issues are connected to the person we really care for or the person we really need, silence always prevails. Whenever we are scared of hurting someone or fear getting ourselves hurt, we prefer choosing the path of silence. In short, it becomes the thumb rule whenever emotions or feelings of a person are involved.

However, we forget that keeping silence during certain aforementioned times leads to long term complications. In those situations, silence can be really painful. Instead, talking and sorting out the matter at an appropriate time should be the approach. It definitely helps and brings up the solution. The maximum damage words can do under most of the circumstances is that the person you love will be angry for some time. But in the end, when the clutter is sorted, the bond will be stronger than before. It is better to get a temporary hurt rather than keeping mum and getting a life-long non-curable wound. During the extreme times, words can even lead to losing the people you cared about. But even in that case, it shall benefit you in the long run. You will definitely land somewhere else where you might really be happy about things in your life.

Silence,is not the perfect tool for every situation as it is supposed to be. It is better to take control of the situation and find a way out and be happy and content rather than getting hurt and yet pretending to be happy. As Martin Luther King Jr. put it beautifully, "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

P.S. Dedicated to the people who believe in the power of time and silence more than their own self and let the things continue the way they are.

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