Sunday, June 22, 2014

After a long time...

It's been a very long time. I'm writing after more than 16 months. That's a long break. When I started this blog; I didn't expect to share as much as I actually did. However, gradually I felt like sharing more and more. Though I felt like writing many times; I was not able to find the time to peacefully sit; open my laptop and write down a post.

What went wrong? Probably nothing. The last year has been an eventful one. It gave me numerous moments of joy and happiness; but at the same time; left me sad at many times. A lot of things changed. I got a new job; traveled new places, met new people, made new friends and bonded with older ones. At the same time, lost a couple of people very close to me. Though not directly related to me; I didn't love them any less than the one directly related to them. Also, got my portion of bad experiences on the Delhi roads, with the police and a few people. All said and done; it was, no doubt, an year to remember; just like its predecessors.

So, what brings me back? Between my last post and today, there has been one person who has been constantly encouraging me to write. Exactly, three years and two days back, I published the first personal post of my blog. Dedicated to the girl who had painted various pages of life colorful. You remember her, right? The girl I call the Angel of my life. Yes, the same girl. I wrote a lot about life with her and without her as well. As usual, she sorted out everything and we are back on track. She really never ceases to amaze me.

Being a very fickle minded person myself most of the times; she brought the much required stability to my life. She is the anchor of my life and we have been sailing together in the sea of life. The water has not settled yet and the reflection is still distorted by waves. Neither have the Rain God blessed Delhi with great downpour this time; but I am not missing them as before. Probably, my life with Angel and God have taken separate routes; and She is not the one who's disappointing me. Life has been pretty amazing with her. And yeah, one of the best moments being when I was finally able to gather the courage to tell what I felt for her and she accepted positively. Today, as we spend time together, talking of building our future; I wonder if she is still the same girl whose eyes anxiously searched for me while coming out of the gate many years ago. To an extent, she is and will always be. Things will change; people will come and go; life will continue but there are some things which shall never change. And, my love for the Imperfect Angel is one of them.