Monday, June 20, 2011

The Angel of my life!!

As she walked out of the gate, her face wore a confused look which instantly changed to a sweet smile as she found the one she was searching. There was something about her which made her different from the numerous girls coming out with her. Yes, she is the one, to whom I dedicate the first personal post of my blog.
I had known her for quite a long time now. But, I felt she was a riddle yet to be deciphered by me. We talked almost every day, about everything we could think of. She was like an escape for me from the boring daily routine. Someone I would turn to whenever I was in either of the moods: awesome, awful or awkward. I would tell her about everything on my mind. And she was always there for me, listening to all my talks. She never complained why I always kept on cribbing about problems in life. She tried to look at things my way. She would always support me with my decisions. Whenever anything went wrong, she would tell me it's going to be okay, but then I would find her worry about it for me. She had a beautiful face, but more importantly, she had a beautiful heart. She was cute, she was funny, she was thoughtful, she was childish, she was mature, she was caring, she was lively, she was everything I could think of.
It is not that she was always like that. She had her own low points in life but she handled them very efficiently, on her own. She was one soul who believed in "enjoying alone", be it the happy moments or the sad ones. No matter, how much she cared for others, when it came to her, she was just the opposite. She tried to hide her every single pain behind her pleasing smile. But her eyes and her voice revealed it all and then she would break down. But that happened rarely, very rarely.
Time passed and things changed, for the better. It had been almost a year of this special bond. I could feel my increasing fondness for her and she started sharing more of her life. I loved every moment of it. But someone did not love it all. And one day, everything came crashing down. It hurt, badly. I decided to walk out of her life, forever. But she didn't seem to agree with me and I could not resist, finally succumbing to her requests to change my "decision".
It was all back to normal. We spent some quality time together. A single glance of her seemed to make my entire day. It filled me with utter joy and happiness. It was an amazing feeling to be with her, to spend time with her, to talk to her, to fight with her and sometimes just to sit in front of her and gaze into her eyes. Her presence was a delight and her absence created a void which only she could fill.
But as they say, the world is round because of misunderstanding. They are bound to creep in to any relationship and unfortunately, that marks the beginning of the end. However, I was lucky that when I had to face it, she was kind enough to listen to me patiently and clear every bit of it. Later, I realized that it was my fault and in spite of the fact that she was not answerable to me, she had told me everything. This was not the first time she had stated her true self, but it was in no way, same as the earlier revelations. This was a sudden change. But as long as the change is positive, who cares for the reason. At least, I didn't. All said and done, it was one of the most transforming phases of the entire period of knowing her.
Today, when I walk beside her, I feel the true sense of being complete. She has changed a lot but she is still the same. Sometimes, she spills her heart out and sometimes, she hides even the minutest things. I feel I know her, but then she displays yet another new aspect of her personality and I feel I would never be able to know her completely.
I always feel, life is all about 'A': awesome, awful and awkward. But, truly speaking, the reason was her. Life started with an 'A' and ended with 'A'.
She was my strength, my happiness and the light of my life. I thank her for being one of the best parts of my life. There is nothing that can compare what she is to me. She "is" definitely the Angel of my life. The Imperfect Angel!! :)
Loads of thanks to Rose for the numerous reviews. You are a sweetheart. :)


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