Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life with an Angel - IV

The rain gods have not been very kind to the people of Delhi this year. The monsoon showers seem to be in a mood to play hide and seek. Often the sky was filled with clouds making the sunset a picturesque moment with the clouds lined in gold and the sun rays reaching upwards. There were numerous frames which can be kept in your memories and brought to mind whenever you need something beautiful and peaceful. The only thing missing was rains.

I have always loved the rains (apart from a few instances, of course, when I got into trouble because of it). I believe that rains are a great way to rejuvenate our life and feel blessed. They bring in a renewed beauty and charm to everything around us. They wash away all the unwanted things and clean the atmosphere. The trees appear greener, the flowers fresher than ever and the sweet smell of Earth after rain feels like bliss.

The rains bring back several sweet memories from the past. Some beautiful mornings, some amazing afternoons and a few nights- all those moments when it was raining. They remind me of a girl standing in the rains, stealing her eyes away from the people, stretching out her arms and enjoying the rain drops touching her face, body and soul.

However, this year, the pages have turned. I am missing the rains more than ever. The monsoon this year has been more or less similar to my life with Angel. The sky was almost always covered with gloomy clouds, preventing a bright sky. There were a little sprinkles now and then but the joy of getting completely drenched in downpour was missing. Yes, the silver lining was also there; with every passing moment, I could feel my growing affection for her. Certain unwanted things are having a ball and a few things a tough time in its absence. I hope that the rain gods will shower their blessings as soon as possible to clear the mess and provide a fresh life to all in need.

When it's not her, the next best thing I can think of is Nature only. Sitting in the rains, under the open sky, with my eyes closed, listening to the sound of the falling raindrops, feeling the cold wind along with the pleasant smell of the Earth gives almost the same pleasure as sitting in front of her and gazing into her eyes. That carefree look of hers gives much more pleasure than the majestic views of any place around the globe. If there is any escape from her, it has to be in the lap of nature. Nothing else compares to her; to the Imperfect Angel.


Lancy said...

Nice read :) I love rain too.
Here in Chennai, Monsoon has started and we are enjoying rain

ne~aha said...

That was a nice read..and I liked the title of you blog :) keep writing !!

AzzArun said...

@Lancy: Thanks.
Surprisingly, Delhi also got some good rains yesterday. Keep coming. :)

AzzArun said...

@Neha: Thanks a lot. Your feedback is appreciated and deeply awaited. Keep visiting. :)