Monday, July 25, 2011

Reality: The Worst Game Ever!!

The blessing sun rays coming from my window pane woke me up. It was a usual summer morning. A gulmohar tree with vibrant red flowers occupied the entire frame of the window. I had an excellent sleep through the night and the entire scene outside made it a jubilant morning. I was still lying in the bed looking for my phone. The calendar told me it was 25th July 2011. Suddenly, something hit me.

25th July 2011. A day I had been waiting for so long. A day I wanted to come at the earliest. A day which could decide the future of my life. And it was here. There was nothing different yet it had changed many things. Dreams were shattered. Expectations broken. Hope lost. The foundations of my first ever plan for life had just crashed. Everything that I did to reach here, every single moment I spent thinking about it and the hours I spent preparing for it. Everything went in vain. I didn't know whether it was the end of beginning or beginning of the end. Welcome to reality, I told myself.
I had always thought of life as a game. The sole purpose of a game is to enjoy the experience - to have fun. But this depends on both the game and the player. Sometimes we may get the best game imaginable, but we may still decline to play. We worry about the complexities of the game instead of embracing them. Why? The answer lies in how we evaluate ourselves relative to the game. If we find the game bigger than us, we feel overwhelmed and would not want to play it. The same logic applies to life. If we think life is bigger than us, we probably don't want to play it either.
There are two modes in the game of life. One is the practice mode where we can choose everything. In other words, our dream world. The second mode is reality. This is where you get to see the real face and complexities of the game. It seems to be great in the beginning, but as you advance, you realize that you don't have time to understand the game play. You learn the rules and find that life is not a fair game. Mastery in this game is a lifelong process. And your learning is what helps you the most. Reality is the worst ever game that you'll ever play.
I had lost the strength to leave my bed. Or maybe I just didn't want to. Few things came to my mind. The game doesn't offer you many choices. You either keep sitting at a point waiting for the things to go your way or you just get up, march ahead and face the adversities. It took a lot of thoughts and time but in the end I chose the second option. Any setback in the game should be taken as an added challenge and I knew that. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. I had decided to quit whining and start all over again. With a new enthusiasm and exuberance. It's all about making some choices, experiencing the consequences and then growing from there. It's all good. My cheeks were a bit wet but a smile ran across my lips.
As I finally got up and sipped my tea, I wondered how boring life would be if everything fell at the right place in the first attempt. A game full of setbacks, randomness and delays is a lot more fun. If you have the determination and the courage it takes, you come out to be a better player.
The game of life may end with death, but in the meantime enjoy yourself. Life is supposed to be interesting, challenging and fun. Go out there and play!

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