Sunday, October 9, 2011

Life with an Angel - II

The beautiful white and golden structure of Bangla Sahib reflected in the water of the pond. Angel and I sat on the pond steps with our feet dipped in the cold water. The waves would come, wash our feet and return back. "Life is just like this", her voice went almost unnoticed. I wondered how and turned to her for an explanation. "Our life is just like the reflected image and the waves. Unclear and full of ups and downs. As time passes, the water will settle down and we rise above the horizon to get the clear image”, she elaborated.

I looked at her. She had nothing but a beaming glow and an irresistible charm on her face. She had been quite happy for the last few days and that was also reflected in her eyes. The reason: The news of a couple of long wishes getting fulfilled on a single day. She was an altogether different person that day; ecstatic, elated and joyful. Being aware of the wishes, I knew what they meant to her. They were the only things she had been wishing for years. Before you exercise your brain to guess them, I’d like to disclose that they were very close to her heart but not at all directly related to her. And this was one thing I absolutely loved about her: selflessly wishing and caring for the people around her. No matter what others’ thought of her, she’d always be happy to help them with a smile.

Talking of her smile, she had an infectious one. I’ve talked about it previously and still I can go on talking about it. Every time she is with me and smiles, I feel weak at the knees. It’s like an arrow being shot through my heart. Catching a glimpse of her smile is an overwhelming feeling which cannot be described in words; a moment I always look forward to. Recently she had shared a few images of her childhood and they were absolutely adorable. And it made me regret why I didn’t meet her earlier.


Talking to her previous night it came to my mind that life isn’t simple; it’s complicated and so is love. If we try to hide the love in our life, it makes the things more complex. Therefore, I decided to make my life a little less complex. I hope I’ll be able to make it happen. Wish me luck. :)

That’s all for now.


Rose said...

This is what I call being madly in love! :D

AzzArun said...


Haha!! :)