Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Though they met almost daily, he was oddly excited today. Everything was perfect. The flowers, the chocolates and the gift. He had finally gathered the guts to tell her what he felt about her and wanted to surprise her. He had reached the venue ahead of time. The venue, as decided by her, was way too distant from his normal path but he didn't complain. As the time passed, his excitement level was rising exponentially. He had said the lines a million times in his mind. She could arrive there any moment, so, he didn't want to lose any time.

There was still some time left for the decided time. Suddenly, his mobile beeped. He checked. It was a message from her. "I won't be able to come."

He didn't utter a single word. He didn't know how to react. Maybe, he never expected that a surprise might be waiting for him also. He looked around himself. There was a small girl begging for food. He went to her and gave the flowers, chocolates and the gift to her. She jumped with joy and her face split into a wide smile. She ran away and gradually faded into the crowd. So did his ambitions. A smile crossed his face and he turned back to what seemed to be an endless journey.


Rose said...

Nicely written!

AzzArun said...

Thanks Rose. That really means a lot to me. :)

Mahima said...

Smile in the face of pain...that seems to be the moral of this post of yours. I like. :)

AzzArun said...

Mahima, thanks a lot. :)
You got the message I wanted to convey. Smile. :)